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At Westhouse Garages Ltd, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 01724 280886 or

Mot testing questions

Q: Is the mot test like having my vehicle serviced

A :No, The mot test is only a check to make sure you vehicle meets the MINIMUM safety standards set by UK laws.


Q: Do you mot test large motorhomes / american rv’s.

A: Yes, we have the facility to test motorhomes and American rv’s up to 7000kg in weight and a wheel base of up to 6 metre, subject to clearances of low waste pipes / steps and exhausts etc.. We can test most European motorhomes even those based on 7.5 ton truck chassis, (Mercedes Atego etc) and both Chevy based and Ford f &e series based American rv’s. Please mention if you are booking a large motorhome / rv for test so we can make preparations for your arrival to our site, and also bring evidence of the weight of your vehicle ( weigh bridge ticket ) if the weight is not displayed in the vehicle. Also note that we are unable to test rv’s with a automatically applied park systems which only is applies when transmission is shifted to park position.


Q: Are you open at weekends. ?

A: Currently we are generally open on Saturday mornings for mot testing but are occasionally closed due to attending to our motorsport commitments.


Q: Do you provide me with a reminder call when my mot is about to expire. ?

A: We do not generally provide this service as we prefer not to push our services on to people and respect there privacy.


Q: Are all mot tests carried out to the same standards.

A: Yes all mot tests are carried to the standards set by the DVSA (Driver vehicle standards agency).


Q: Why do some MOT testing businesses say they only test and say they provide a unbiased test.

A This is usually a business or individual which does not have have the facility or skill ability to perform safe and effective repairs to vehicles but are able to perform the mot test, All mot testing has to be unbiased.



Servicing Questions

Q: Do all garages service to the same standards.

A: No, some well known fast fit garages advertise servicing at a budget price and do not perform all the operations and preventative maintenance operations that are required for the longevity and prolonged life of your vehicle.


Q: Are there any differences between main dealer services and westhouse garages services.

A: Yes, we always remove road wheels and perform a full brake strip and service on our full services where main dealers do not always remove the road wheels and only perform a visual brake inspection, From experience we have found vehicle that have been main dealer serviced from new have on occasion when come to us for service and we have found the road wheels seized onto the hub and would have been virtually imposable to remove the wheel at the road side if you had to due to a puncture etc.


Q: Do i have to book in advance to have a service.

A: Yes, due to demand we advise booking at least two weeks in advance of needing your vehicle serviced.

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