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Westhouse Garages Ltd,  167b Moorwell road  Scunthorpe   DN17 2SX


Service, Repair and MOT Testing, For Cars, Light Commercials, Motorhomes, Classic And American vehicles



Here at Westhouse Garages we can offer MOT testing of Class 4, 5l and 7.

Class 4 testing: this class is normally for your car but in addition this class also covers motorhomes and ambulances and vans etc up to 3000kg gvw.

One of our specialist areas of testing is motorhomes  up to 7 tonne in weight and 6 metres wheel base. We can also accommodate MOT or pre-PSVtesting of stretched limousines

Class 5 l (light) testing: this class is for privately owned buses or ambulances with more than 12 passenger seats but no heavier than 5000kg gross weight.

Class 7 testing: this class is for light commercial vehicles. vans/ pick-ups etc, which fall out of class 4 testing by being heavier than 3000kg gross weight but no heavier than 3500kg gross weight.

To Book an MOT test Please call us on 01724 280886.